The philosophy of the 6th Column Project is simply better living through technology. We believe the path to getting there is by reducing the friction and needless toil we experience in the current state of computing. We endeavor to create more seamless interaction between people and our computing environments. We get there not necessarily from a UI/UX standpoint but from re-imaginig computing from first principles. We focus on aggressive automation and hyper personalization. We believe that computing is ripe for an evolutionary step change. With the advent of utility computing, accessible and powerful AI, W3 and peer-to-peer networks and the decentralized web, we have the necessary base for us to bring forth a new era. We will introduce a new model of computing. One where computing will do what we imagined it would do; profoundly elevate the human condition.

Our team has consistently solved big problems in various areas of computing at scale.

  • Financial sector: Building trading and portfolio management systems for Wall Street. Creating robust infrastructure supporting major FinTechs.
  • Pure science research: Working in the worldwide national laboratory system, solving problems in energy and climate science. Building critical aspects of advanced research energy fusion systems. Architecting and building a world-wide peer-to-peer system for the transport and sharing of climate data, and computation of climate science models around the world. (Recipient of a Nobel Prize and R&D 100 award)
  • Platforms: High throughput, durable media streaming platforms, supporting millions of simultaneous clients around the world. Building AI-Ops systems and scaling them to web-scale for the largest cloud provider in the world.

We are seasoned leaders, problem solvers, pragmatists and futurists.

The team has a shared vision of computing. The confluence of technologies and the magnitude of the challenges we face make it encumbent upon us to think differently in order to create effective and compelling solutions. The 6th Column Project is crafting solutions that will allow us to be ready to meet the future.

Stay Tuned...

The 6th Column Project, LLC 2021